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Discover the restaurant at Riad Le Rubis Marrakech

Riad Le Rubis
The renovation of the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech has helped to establish next to the pool a lounge, a kitchen and a dining room.

These spaces are reserved to welcome customers and have a triple care: to offer comfort, beauty and safety. This has been carefully designed for the comfort of the customers and so that they can enjoy being welcomed with a complimentary tea and Moroccan pastries.

In addition, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.


Riad Le Rubis Marrakech: a kitchen full of various flavors and spicy…

Riad Le Rubis Marrakech restaurant welcomes you the whole year round and offers you fine and inventive cuisine at lunch and dinner.

Our restaurant offers a rich menu every day, subtle and varied. The delights of flavors are a pleasure to the eyes.
The emphasis is on local ingredients very fresh, natural and delicious. The service and the way meals are presented add to a lively atmosphere to the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech.

The cuisine is rather traditional with more varied culinary recipes and spices:

  • Riad Le RubisSkewers;
  • Harira: (spicy thick soup made from chickpeas, beans, string beans);
  • Tajine: stewed meat or fish served with vegetables in a terracotta dish with a conical lid;
  • Méchoui: lamb roasted on a spit for special occasions;
  • Pastilla: pigeon meat and offal wrapped in puff pastry;
  • Couscous: Moroccan national dish. Fine couscous served with mutton or chicken and vegetables;
  • Salade: “michouia” mixed green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers;
  • Kasra: durum wheat bread;
  • Djâja: chicken stuffed with couscous, grapes, honey, olives, lemon… ;
  • Fish and seafood: prawns, lobsters, swordfish skewers, sardines, mullet, etc…

Riad Le Rubis
The dishes reflect both the conventional techniques of Moroccan cuisine and modern know-how that makes food light.


You choose our dining room or the terrace ?

Customers can have lunch or dinner in the dining room or can choose to have lunch on the terrace of the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech.


A dedicated team at your service

Our restaurant space contributes to the value and image of the hotel with its highly qualified team.


Riad le Rubis

Discover our kitchen “health and wellness”

Let yourself be tempted by the food “health and fitness” with a cure and a “vacation and detox.” The Riad Le Rubis Marrakech restaurant Ruby honors the virtues of local produce and herbs in their very special varied dishes.