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Riad Le Rubis Marrakech, a small detox break…

Riad Le Rubis Marrakech offers the benefits of a detox break developed by Martine and Philippe who are the owners.


The expertise of the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech

At the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech, their objective is to serve the guests with their experience in naturopathy and nutrition so that everyone can find wellbeing and a natural balance of body and mind.

Riad le Rubis



Interview conducted November 14th, 2012 by Nathalie a freelance journalist for magazines South Side, West Side and Elle Decoration.

Nathalie: Why Morocco?

Philippe: It is beautiful all year, Moroccans are friendly and welcoming. But above all, this is a country where most farmers do “craft” work without adding fertilizers, pesticides…

Morocco is a paradise of fruits and vegetables. At each time of year, you can find everything. The fruits and vegetables you buy at the market are natural, fresh and of good quality.

Nathalie: They say you should eat five fruits and vegetables per day.

Philippe: That’s correct. “the Mediterranean diet type” consists mainly of vegetables with olive oil and spices.

Meat, eggs, fish are optional for the taste unlike the typical “Western diet”.
For each of the Moroccan dishes (couscous, tagines, tanjia…) various spices are essential.

That is why I would recommend to eat five fruits and vegetables and five detoxifying spices every day*.

Nathalie: If you’re tired and you feel you have overeaten, the ideal is to go to Riad Le Rubis Marrakech for a detox cure.

Philippe: Yes. Time for a “Pause” of three, five to seven days. We offer a fitness program:
You will enjoy menus with detoxifying nutriments in low glycemic index which decreases appetite and helps illiminate stockage.

You will find the full range of treatments that only Orientals have the secret. Benefits of Steam baths (heat up to 50°c – humidity up to 100%) are very good (simple, essential repair):

– Action for regenerating and to regain strength and vitality
– Activation of blood circulation
– Fight against fatigue and stress
– Acceleration of sweating and skin cleansing
– Elimination of toxins from the body
– Elimination of muscle tension

Your body is then ready because the skin breaths better and absorbs more of the assets of the various massages which you will be proposed. Everyone is happy.

Nathalie: They say you should eat well and move, what do you think?

Philippe: Yes, it is important to eat first choice foods but physical activity is recommended at least thirty minutes per day.
Riad Le Rubis Marrakech is located in the heart of Marrakech on the legendary Jemaa el-Fna classified by UNESCO. This is a real starting point for walks…

Nathalie: This is a complete program.

Philippe: Yes, we invite you to spend a few days at the Riad Le Rubis Marrakech. You will regain your vitality, an improved moral, glowing skin, or lose excess pounds.

Our detox cure helps the body to recover its well-being.

*5 detoxifying herbs to sprinkle over foods

The Cinnamon

Riad le RubisVery rich in antioxidants, the body’s cells are protected from free radicals, which helps fight against aging due to stress and restores radiance to the skin.

It is very tasty, helps regulate blood sugar and limits your impulses to eat sugar.

Its antiviral effects helps our bodies to fight against flu and colds.


The Ginger

Riad le RubisGinger root which is not only powerfull but both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

It stimulates the immune system and promotes blood circulation.

However, it should be excluded from the diet of people suffering from gastritis or with a sensitive digestive system.


The Garlic

Riad le RubisAntiviral, antioxidant, substances with sulfur explain its smell and its original flavor.

When crushed, it releases all its strengths: diuretic, antibacterial and is good for the cardiovascular system.
It has beneficial effects on blood fluidity and cholesterol.


The Parsley

Riad le RubisA “must” for detox.

Rich in minerals, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, it helps eliminate toxins and acts as a diuretic. In addition, it has a beneficial role for the cardiovascular system.


The Turmeric

Riad le RubisRich in antioxidants, this is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory herb that has a calming effect on the digestive system. It protects the liver against many toxic agents (drugs, alcohol) and against diseases of the biliary system. It promotes digestion, has anti diabetes, lowers total cholesterol. Its preventive action is recognized against lung, stomach, liver, skin, breast, esophagus cancer.